It's time to begin and grow.. in our own way :-)

Hi There,

It's been a while...

Where have I been? 
For my regular clients you would know that I had an ankle reconstruction in late February 2016. It has taken a LONG time to get back on my feet - literally. I have struggled physically and mentally to get not only my training back on track, but my mental game as well. I have definently been suffering with the black dog a little more than I would like. Exercise is medicine for me - and with less movement, I become more prone to falling into a black hole. So whilst maintaining minimal clients, and trying to re-establish bootcamps - it has just been far too mentally taxing for me to run my family, restart my business and rehabilitate my ankle and gain my own confidence back. I am still working on this daily - but I am defiently making progress. 

What have I learned?
We are all human . A lot of people may think that as a PT you have this fitness thing down pat. And yeah - we know what we are doing, but it takes that extra nudge of motivation to do it for yourself, and others. You have expectations in your own head as to what you "should" be doing and what you "should" look like. But don't get me wrong. This is absolutely something that we project onto ourselves. 

What's going to happen now?
Well - I would definently like to come back. Train you all - be a part of your fitness and life journey again. My journey continues as one of discovery with yours. My goal is to share this journey with you more. To write more, to photograph and get out there more. To me - it will be about getting back to nature - getting back to the things that I love and not getting caught up in the ideal model of what this business, and person should be.

Please keep your eye here as I slowly re-introduce my classes - starting early 2017. If anyone would like to join me before then, please get in touch. I am doing limited training of clients, but you are more than welcome to join me (for free) doing the things that I am doing to get my mojo back.. All training will be in and around the hills. Email me - This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.for more information.

Until then - check back here for more info on what I have been up to!

Chief Motivator


NEW CLASS - Kalamunda

So excited to add to our range of bootcamp and Metafit HIIT Classes in Kalamunda and Lesmurdie!

Starting THIS SUNDAY at 8am - we will be hitting Jorgenson Park with a BANG.

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Its Trail Running, meets bad ass bootcamp.. and it is designed to push you to your limits! Not for the faint hearted, and not for beginners get ready to get out there and challenge your boundaries!! Training is suited to those wanting to get physically stronger, faster and mentally able to cope with any challenge that gets sent your way!!

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If you want to come - get in touch - because there is some equipment you will need to bring! And your first week is FREE! This class will run for 60-90 mins and cost $15 for ongoing sessions or $45 a month... 

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It's like NO Other bootcamp you have ever attended..!!

Contact me today on 0438 582 942 and get ready!

Work In Progress Fitness
Bootcamps - Metafit - Kalamunda - Lesmurdie

Workout Of The Week - 4

Haven't had time to schedule in a workout this week! Good news! I have one below that will smash your legs and it can all be done in 30 Minutes (or less!). The idea is to work to your HIGHEST level during each round to ensure that you are getting the full HIIT benefits of the extended calorie burn!!

Todays workout includes intervals - so you will need a stop watch in front of you, and some cranking tunes to keep you motivated.. 

Level 1 - Once Through

Level 2 - Twice Through

Hardcore - Go 3 times through - or add in some weights to exercises marked with an * for an added burn.

Even if you are hardcore you will be done and dusted in 30 Minutes. Ready to move on with your day!!

EACH ROUND is 45 SECONDS of work followed by 15 SECONDS of REST. Once you have worked through all exercises, give yourself 60 SECONDS REST and REPEAT if you can! If you aren't completely knackered by the end of this then you haven't worked hard enough! 

  • Lunges* - or Plyometric (Jump Lunges)
  • Mountain Climbers
  • Pushups - On Toes To Failure then go to knees - Or Plyometric with a clap in the middle for an added challenge!
  • Burpees - CLAP at the top!
  • Plank - Extended Plank Hold for advanced
  • Squat Jump or Tuck Jump for Advanced
  • Sumo Squat Hold*
  • Sprint on the Spot
  • Star Jumps or Power Jacks
  • REST - 60 SECONDS 
  • REPEAT 2-3 times!

ENJOY!! (haha) - As I mentioned above - if you aren't completely shattered at the end of this then you haven't worked hard enough!! You are in complete control here! Work hard and results will follow!

Hope you have a great week and enjoy the sunshine!

Personal Trainer - Head Motivator
Work In Progress Fitness
Bootcamps - Personal Training - Kalamunda - Lesmurdie - Perth Hills

Strength Training for Endurance Athletes


So in my experience as an endurance athlete (ha!) - or just training for these bigger events such as Marathons, Ultra Marathons, Triathlons I have always found one thing. Drop the strength training, and injury starts to creep in. No matter how many times I have been told to drop the strength and focus on getting more Km's in legs, Km's on bike etc - I have found that I consistently break down. There are alot of reasons why Endurance athlets choose not to use strength training and I will outline alot of my ideas as to why it is important to include it below! 

1) They don't want to "BULK".
Strength training isn't always about bulking. Its about increase the strength in the muscles you utilise the most. And due to the catabolic effect of endurance training (the break down of muscle/protiens), an increase in muscle mass is not likely. Strength train for efficiency and strength to adapt - not bulk.

2) They don't have "TIME"
Strenth Training for Endurance Athletes can be anything from a 30 Min HIIT Session to a specific weights training program in the gym. Twice a week is enough, and for 30 Minutes of HIIT Training you are likely to increase your V02 Max (The ablility of your body to carry oxygen during exercise) and increasing performance. Creating muscle, without bulking up and loosing muscle mas. A great way to build up your core strength too! I complete all of my strength trianing within 30 minutes, whether it be metafit ot weights. Easy.

3) Worried about "INJURY"
As I mentioned above - you are more likely to break down and become injured without strength training. Strength training performed correctly will do just the opposite. It will promote muscle fiber growth and keep you body moving.

4) I will be too "SORE" to manage the rest of my training load.
There is always the worry that heavy legs will hinder the benefits of your training. Sure - to begin with you maybe sore. If you aren't then you aren't doing it right. As with everything though your body will eventually adapt. Give it a few weeks of traing this way and I guarantee you that you will be okay. A tactic will be not to strength train within 2-3 days of your Invterval sessions. It's all about changing it up and seeing what works. Research has also shown that by performing your strength session on your interval day is okay too. Just give yourself a 3 hour gap to ensure proper recovery.

5) Will I be "OVERTRAINING" if I add in some strength training.
Yes - it does need to be managed. You can't go out every week and lift heavy or train to exhaustion. Like with your other training - you will need a plan and need to stick to that plan to see the benefits of your training. 

So - if you are wanting to train specifically for a sport - I have outlined a few below that will help increase your strength and some that are incorporated into your everyday training.

1 - Running
Strong runners need strong legs - as an outdoor trainer I would add the following into my sessions:

  • Squats - All kinds. Bodyweight, Weighted, Squat Jumps, Single Legged Squats
  • Lunges - Static, Walking, Plyometric
  • Jumps - Long Jumps, Tuck Jumps
  • Hill Climbs - A traditional Interval Workout with a difference. Add some weight to your runs with a Weighted Vest, Sandbag or Ruck

2 - Cycling
As above you will need strong legs... so without access to a gym.. lets include the following exercises

  • Squats - All kinds. Bodyweight, Weighted, Squat Jumps, Single Legged Squats
  • Lunges - Static, Walking, Plyometric
  • Other - Single Leg Cycling and Upright Rows and Tricep Dips to increase upper body

Strength is key to being successful, to maintaining a healthy bodyweight and completing your training injury free. If you are unsure how to add this into your regular programming please get in touch with me and we can discuss it in more detail. 

Personal Trainer / Chief Motivator
Work In Progress Fitness
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Workout Of The Week - 3

Hi There!

Got some spare time? Why not try out this baby!! 

Here is an awesome workout in under 30 mins thanks to our friends over at Gut Check Fitness Australia.

The GUT CHECK - Beginner Level

- 25 push-ups (ladies on knees ok)
- 25 sit-ups
- 10 burpees
- run one lap on a 400m track
- 20 push-ups
- 20 sit-ups
- 8 burpees
- run one lap on a 400m track
- 15 push-ups
- 15 sit-ups
- 6 burpees
- run one lap on a 400m track
- 10 push-ups
- 10 sit-ups
- 4 burpees
- run one lap on a 400m track
- DONE - or Start from the beginning and go again!

If you enjoy this kind of workout why not check out THE SUCK which an awesome event I am hosting in February 2016.. It looks scary, because it is ;-).  But that is where I can help you! Training plans and bootcamps all built around helping you to succeed!!

Can I get a GUT CHECK!! 

Have a great week.

Personal Trainer / Head Motivator
Work In Progress Fitness
Bootcamps - Personal Training - Kalamunda - Lesmurdie



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