Why Exercising With A Friend is Good For You!

iStock 000049149126 XXXLargeStruggling for motivation? Trying to get yourself out of the Winter slump? Why not enlist a friend to join you!! Read on as I explain how and why as a Personal Trainer I see so much more success from those who don't train alone!

  1. ACCOUNTABILITY - Planning to meet someone? There is much less likelihood that you will turn off the alarm at 6am if you have organised to meet a friend at a bootcamp or maybe to go for a run. And after a few weeks, you will be feeling that awesome that you won't even think about cancelling - it will just become part of your routine.
  2. IT IS MORE FUN! - Fun I hear you say? How can exercise be fun?? Well when you have someone next to you feeling the pain too, you can have a joke about it, complain about it then laugh at each other and maybe even head out for a coffee afterward!
  3. AFFORDABLE - Why not hire a Personal Trainer to get you kickstarted? Not only will it be cheaper than going alone, you will get a customised program guaranteed to get that body ready to slip on your bathers this summer!
  4. FRIENDSHIP - It has been prooven that you build a bond through exercise. Spending an hour a day together walking, running or working out - alot can be discussed and all the problems of the world solved. What a great way to strengthen your friendship!
  5. YOU WILL WORK HARDER - You are less likely to skip that last set or rep if you have a friend with you encouraging you all the way! Why not set some goals together, and if you reach them reward yourself with some new workout gear or a nice lunch somewhere!

At Work In Progress Fitness - how can we help you?? Firstly - I can be your friend if you can't enlist any! As a passionate Personal Trainer - let me spend some time with you - chatting about your goals. If Personal Training isn't in your budget.. why not head along to one of our Bootcamp or Metafit Classes. We have lots of fun people to train with, who are all in the same boat. But bringing a friend is even MORE awesome so you can collapse together at the end.

Why not give me a call on 0438 582 942 or message me through the website for more information.

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