Workout Of The Week - 4

Haven't had time to schedule in a workout this week! Good news! I have one below that will smash your legs and it can all be done in 30 Minutes (or less!). The idea is to work to your HIGHEST level during each round to ensure that you are getting the full HIIT benefits of the extended calorie burn!!

Todays workout includes intervals - so you will need a stop watch in front of you, and some cranking tunes to keep you motivated.. 

Level 1 - Once Through

Level 2 - Twice Through

Hardcore - Go 3 times through - or add in some weights to exercises marked with an * for an added burn.

Even if you are hardcore you will be done and dusted in 30 Minutes. Ready to move on with your day!!

EACH ROUND is 45 SECONDS of work followed by 15 SECONDS of REST. Once you have worked through all exercises, give yourself 60 SECONDS REST and REPEAT if you can! If you aren't completely knackered by the end of this then you haven't worked hard enough! 

  • Lunges* - or Plyometric (Jump Lunges)
  • Mountain Climbers
  • Pushups - On Toes To Failure then go to knees - Or Plyometric with a clap in the middle for an added challenge!
  • Burpees - CLAP at the top!
  • Plank - Extended Plank Hold for advanced
  • Squat Jump or Tuck Jump for Advanced
  • Sumo Squat Hold*
  • Sprint on the Spot
  • Star Jumps or Power Jacks
  • REST - 60 SECONDS 
  • REPEAT 2-3 times!

ENJOY!! (haha) - As I mentioned above - if you aren't completely shattered at the end of this then you haven't worked hard enough!! You are in complete control here! Work hard and results will follow!

Hope you have a great week and enjoy the sunshine!

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